Native Degree Programs

Native and Tribal Community Degree Programs

Two programs at Peninsula College are specifically designed to serve native students, employees or individuals with strong ties to tribal communities: 

  • Associate in Arts Bridge, Peninsula College
  • Reservation Based Community Determined Bachelor of Arts, Evergreen State College

Both programs draw heavily on the Enduring Legacies Native Case Studies model which seeks to develop culturally relevant curricula and teaching resources.  The case studies share many examples of analytical scholarship related to a broad scope of situations that occur on tribal lands near and far affecting Native people connected to their environs and culture.

Associate of Arts (AA) Bridge

The AA Bridge at Peninsula College provides an Associate of Arts degree inclusive of native perspectives.  The program offers a unique set of courses particularly relevant to tribal communities, preparing students for Evergreen’s RBCD Bachelor of Arts degree program.

The AA Bridge also serves as a general Associate of Arts degree, which can be transferred to other colleges and universities.  Classes are offered both online and face-to-face, and some classes are held at the Evergreen State College sgʷigʷialʔtxʷ House of Welcome. For more information, please see the AA Bridge attachment at the bottom of the page or contact Sophia,

Reservation Based Community Determined (RBCD) Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts Degree

Evergreen State College’s Reservation Based Community Determined (RBCD) Bachelor of Arts is now offered at the Peninsula College ʔaʔk̓ʷustəƞáwt̓xʷ House of Learning.  Native and tribally connected students with an Associate degree or sufficient college credits may be eligible to apply. 

The RBCD program has been serving tribal communities for over 20 years.  This unique program allows students to study relevant material while staying close to their home. 

For additional information on the AA Bridge or RBCD BA degrees, please visit the website at  or contact us by email at .