Automotive Technology

Program Description

Our program is designed to meet the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) standards and has been awarded NATEF certification. Curriculum combines theory and hands-on experiences with the development of interpersonal skills, and an emphasis on the use of sophisticated equipment. Our program also includes a number of stand-alone courses, making it possible to enter the first year of the program during any quarter. Individual courses may be taken on a space-available basis.

In Our Program, Students Will Learn to:

(Student Learning Outcomes)
  • Recognize unsafe situations that may occur in an automotive repair shop; identify the safety precautions that should be taken; relate the proper application of safety procedures; demonstrate safe operation of available equipment.
  • Demonstrate use of appropriate hand tools and a broad understanding of basic test equipment.
  • Apply a systematic approach; communicate effectively with owner/operators; project proper company image; demonstrate integrity/sound judgment; exhibit positive attitude/self-esteem; exhibit initiative (self-starter); demonstrate good housekeeping, planning, and organizational skills; show attention to details.
  • Perform necessary technical adjustments; verify actual symptoms; demonstrate knowledge of subassembly and components; use appropriate manuals and diagnostic tools; evaluate cost of corrective actions; demonstrate ability to interpret results, apply math to solve technical problems, and use specialized equipment.
  • Demonstrate manual dexterity, resourcefulness, creativity, and mechanical skills; use sensory perceptions and logical approach to problem-solving/trouble-shooting.
  • Interpret and understand manuals, drawings, specifications, and procedures; demonstrate proper reading and application of technical literature; use correct terminology; complete industry ASE testing.