Application Information

Steps for application to the Peninsula College Bachelors program

Applications for admission are accepted year‐round. The core course sequence begins in the fall, but accepted students may be able to take some courses winter or spring terms on a case-by-case basis.

Step 1:

Review all the pre-requisites. If you feel that you qualify to apply at this time continue to the next step. If you have any questions about qualifications you can contact one of our Bachelor advisors via email at or call (360) 417-6471

Step 2:

Apply to Peninsula College: If you are not a current Peninsula College student, or you were a student but have not attended within the last three years, you must apply to Peninsula College to receive a student ID. This application is separate from the application to the Bachelor program, but it enables Peninsula College to provide you with streamlined service once your Bachelor's application is received. This is free of charge. You can do this step at any time, but it is highly recommended that you do it prior to mailing your application packet. You can apply here.

Step 3:

Prepare a Bachelor Application Packet for Peninsula College by going online and completing the following application items:

    • Fill out the Bachelor in Applied Management online application form. If you have trouble with the online form or would prefer to download a paper version of the application form please see additional documents listed below.
    • Personal Statement: The Personal Statement is an important part of your application for admission to the BAS program. It provides an opportunity for you to share aspects of your life that may not be apparent from your application form, transcripts, assessments, and letters of recommendation. 


Option 1: Submit a personal statement using the online personal statement form, responding to each of the three topics listed below.

Option 2: Submit a typed personal statement responding to each of the three topics listed below. The total length of your statement – combined for all three topics – should not be more than two double‐spaced pages. Please use plain paper.

Personal Statement Topics:

  1. Describe any personal or economic hardships or barriers you’ve had to overcome. Explain how you responded and what you learned about yourself as a result.
  2. Describe an accomplishment of which you’re proud. Your example may be taken from employment, community service, student organizations, or similar situations.
  3. Describe how the Bachelor in Applied Management will help you accomplish your career goals

Letters of recommendation:
Submit two letters of recommendation from persons who know your work (i.e., a supervisor or instructor) which discuss your contributions to your work place and how you might benefit from completion of the BAS in Applied Management program. Letters should be submitted on the organization’s letterhead.

Transcript Evaluation Form:
All students need to submit a Transcript Evaluation Form. Transcript evaluations can take up to 4 to 6 weeks depending on the number of applicants.

Program fee:

Check for $50.00 payable to Peninsula College. This is a non-refundable processing fee. Please don't remit cash.

Step 4:

When you complete your Bachelor application packet, mail or drop off the BAS application documents (Bachelor application form, check for $50.00, personal statement, letters of recommendation, and a transcript evaluation form) to: Enrollment Services, Building D, Peninsula College - 1502 E. Lauridsen Blvd., Port Angeles, WA 98362.

Step 5:

If you are not a Peninsula College student, use our Prior Institution Transcript Request Form to request that your transcripts from other Colleges be sent to Peninsula College for evaluation. NOTE: You can apply for admission before we receive your official transcripts from other institutions. Your prior credits will only be evaluated when Peninsula College receives official transcripts.


Program pre-requisites
Peninsula College application (different than BAS application)
Bachelor Application Form | Bachelor Application Form (547.24 kb) - Paper Version
Personal Statement Form
Transcript evaluation form
Prior institution transcript request form.pdf