Degree Audit

Degree Audit has four main features:

  1. Degree Audit: Run an audit of your current academic record against any degree or certificate offered at Peninsula College to view your progress towards graduation.

  2. Academic Planner: View an academic plan of future coursework recommended by your advisor. An academic plan is a listing of tentative future coursework by quarter.

  3. Advising Notes: View advising notes your advisor may leave for you. For example, an advisor may summarize decisions made during your meeting or note advising recommendations.

  4. Test Scores: View your assessment test scores.  If you have questions about your scores, contact your advisor


A degree audit is unofficial and is intended for advising purposed only.  Final approval of degree or certificate completion resides with the Evaluations Office. Students should consult with an advisor to finalize any degree or certificate planning.

Login to Degree Audit

Login as a Student                     Login as an Advisor   

 Need help with your Student ID or PIN? Please contact Student Services at (360) 417-6340. 


  • Student will log in to degree audit using their SID number and their global pin
  • Advisors will log in to degree audit using their login and password obtained from Student Services
  • Degree Audit is available for usage daily from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm

Degree Audit FAQ:

Will my credits earned from other schools be displayed?

Degree Audit only displays transferred-in credits that have been officially evaluated and approved by the Credit Evaluator May 2010 forward. Students who have registered for classes may submit a request form for an Official Credit Evaluation. Once your transcript(s) have been evaluated, the accepted coursework will be displayed. Degree audit is an advising tool and cannot be substituted as an official transcript evaluation. Official transcript evaluations are on file with Student Services. Important Note: An unofficial review of your credits with an adviser does not qualify as an officially submitted request. You still need to complete the official process with Evaluations for courses to be displayed in Degree Audit.

Can I view my PC course history without linking to a degree or certificate?

Yes. In the drop down menu next to “Select a degree” in the Degree Audit page, scroll down to the end and select "ZZZ” Course History.

Can I view my PC math and English placement test scores?

Degree Audit displays your Compass or Asset assessment scores. Contact your advisor for your placement.

Are substituted courses for professional/technical programs displayed?

Degree Audit only displays the approved substituted course that the program advisor of the degree or certificate approves and officially submits to Student Services with a Request for Degree Requirement Substitution Form. Substituted courses are denoted by “SB”. For more details, contact Student Services.

Are there limitations to what Degree Audit can do?

  • Split credits – Degree Audit does not use partial credits for a degree requirement that has maximum credit limitation. Such as the rules of three maximum credits for activity PE classes and five maximum credits for performance/studio art classes in Humanities distribution for the AA degree.
  • Semester credits – Semester credits transferred from other colleges are multiplied by 1.5 converting them to quarter credits. For example, 3.0 semester credits is converted to 4.5 quarter credits. Degree Audit will not check you off for completing a requirement that has a minimum credit rule because of the 0.5 credit difference.
  • Old Credits- Credits earned prior to1986 may not apply correctly to the audit.