What We Do

The Foundation provides many services to students, faculty, staff and community members to support the college in providing educational opportunities and contributing to the cultural and economic enrichment of our community.

Direct Financial Assistance to Students, Faculty, and Staff

  • Scholarships
  • Emergency Loans
  • Conference Fees
  • Vehicle Donations
  • Fee Support
  • Faculty and Staff Grants

Program Funding

  • Writer-in-residence
  • Artist-in-residence

Community Cultural Enrichment


Investment Management

  • Endowed Scholarship
  • Exceptional Faculty Endowment
  • Nursing Program Endowments
  • President’s Award

Window to the Future

Coming soon… an endowment campaign that will raise funds to provide support to students in perpetuity.

In addition to providing scholarships and program support, the Foundation has funded many other campus activities.Among other things, the foundation supported the following during the 2012-13 academic year:

  • Maier Hall concert series
  • Tuition support and professional development for faculty and staff continuing education
  • Fulbright Scholar travel assistance
  • GED testing fees for low-income students
  • Faculty-mentored research projects and materials
  • Program software and equipment
  • Classroom materials for low-income students