Who We Are

Our Mission

Creating access, excellence, and success for the Peninsula College community.

Our Vision

An open door to a world class education on the North Olympic Peninsula.

Core Values:


We create opportunities for donors to change lives. We cultivate the necessary resources to bridge the affordability gap for any student who wants to attend Peninsula College. Friends of the college provide multiple pathways for learning by reducing barriers.


We strive for the highest standard in every aspect of the Foundation's work and with every interaction we have. We believe contributing to a world-class learning environment is our responsibility. We create the conditions for every faculty, staff and student to achieve their fullest potential.


We are committed to the Foundation's vision and steadfast in our pledge to accomplish our goals. We are dynamic friend and fund raisers and we employ innovative strategies and standards of practice. We are nimble and quickly respond to stated needs of the college community.


We value relationships and strive to build community amongst our donors as well as our campus and community friends. We believe that together we have a greater impact on the lives of our students and in the communities we serve. We conduct ourselves with a high degree of integrity, honesty and compassion.

We are responsible stewards of the resources entrusted to us. We collaborate with our community partners to achieve the greatest results. We value the opportunity to build trust and loyalty amongst our diverse stakeholders. We vow to be accountable and transparent in our work.


We strive to be recognized as the premiere community college foundation in the region. We aim to foster success in ourselves and others by recognizing each individual's unique potential. We tailor our contributions toward the individual's goals and aspirations.

Our Volunteer Board

Foundation Board of Directors
Joe Floyd, President
Nancy Chambers, President Elect
John Marrs, Secretary
Travis Berglund, Co-Treasurer
Jeanne Martin, Co-Treasurer
Paul Cunningham
Andy Geiger
Jen Gouge
Todd Haworth
Mary Hogan
S. Brooke Taylor
Ex-Officio Members
Luke Robins
Deb Frazier
Rich Riski
Tim Tucker

Getta Rogers

Foundation Director
(360) 417-6400

Mailing Address:
Peninsula College Foundation
1502 E. Lauridsen Blvd
Port Angeles, WA 98362