Financial Aid Grade Information

Credit Completion Requirement

Students must complete the appropriate number of credits each quarter based on the enrollment level for which they are funded. Your funding level may be adjusted based on the Financial Aid Census Date (5th Day) policy.

Students who do not earn a passing grade of 0.7 or above or a “P” grade by the end of the scheduled quarter for at least 50% of the required credits will be terminated from future quarters of financial aid funding. Grades of “*”, “I”, “W”, “Y” , “N”, “VF”, “VP”, “V”, “Z” and “U” do not count as completed credits. Only credits completed by the end of the scheduled quarter will count as “completed” for Satisfactory Academic Progress. Grades posted late due to instructor error may cause problems and delays for students. It is up to the student and instructor to ensure that his/her grades are posted correctly and on-time at the end of each quarter.

Credit Completion Requirement

  • Full-time (12+ credits) you must complete 12 
  • ¾-time (9-11 credits) you must complete 9  
  • ½-time (6-8 credits) you must complete 6  
  • Less than ½-time (1-5 credits) you must complete all attempted credits 

Courses Not Eligible for Financial Aid

Running Start, high school completion, basic studies (BASED), audit, Tech Prep, and Family Life Education (FLE) credits do not count towards the financial aid credit completion requirement for Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Repeated Courses

Students can repeat courses for which they receive financial aid. Each time a class is repeated, whether or not financial aid paid for the course, the credits are counted toward the time limit requirement. Each time a for-credit developmental course is repeated while a student is receiving aid, it counts toward both the time limit requirement and the 45 credit limit on for-credit developmental courses which will be excluded from the time limit requirement.

G.P.A. Requirement

To be eligible to receive financial aid, students must have a 2.00 cumulative GPA at the end of each quarter. In some circumstances, students who repeat a course and receive a higher grade the second time can request that the original grade not be computed in their cumulative GPA. To request that your cumulative GPA be adjusted as a result of your performance in a repeated course, contact the Student Services Office.

Students without a calculated cumulative GPA due to the type(s) of grade(s) received (i.e. “P” or “S” grades) will be considered to have met the 2.00 cumulative GPA requirement if they meet the credit completion requirement for their most recent quarter of attendance.

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