Early Alert: No Late Registration Effective Fall 2014


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NO LATE REGISTRATION Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Why has Peninsula College eliminated late registration?

Studies show the most successful students are the ones who attend a college class on the first day and keep attending. The first day is when the instructor outlines expectations and gives you the class syllabus. It is also the best time to meet your classmates and begin to form friendships and potential study groups. It also means you won’t have to struggle to “catch up” on assignments you have missed.

What if I forgot to register or just didn’t have time?

If you did not register for classes prior to the first day of the current academic quarter, you will not be able to take regular classes until the following quarter. Contact Student Services to discuss other options.

When is tuition due?

Tuition is due on the tuition deadline date or at the time you register, whichever is later. A payment plan is available, and you can learn more by visiting the Peninsula College website. There are several references to the payment plan and application procedure in the Financial Payment Options, Admissions Getting Started web pages or “New Student” Link.

What if I’m on financial aid?

If you have already been awarded aid and registered for the appropriate number of credits based on your award level, the Financial Aid Office will hold you in your classes until we apply your aid towards your tuition charges. Check your award status in your Student Financial Aid Portal.

I’m a Veteran. Does this affect my veteran’s benefits?

If you are registered for classes before the beginning of the quarter, there is no direct effect on veteran’s benefits. Every class a student takes must meet program course requirements in order to receive VA educational benefits. Veterans have the opportunity to register early (prior to any other students) and should be able to get into the classes required for their chosen program. For information on how to apply for Veteran’s Benefits, please visit our website at www.pencol.edu/veterans or email veterans@pencol.edu.

Is there emergency funding available for books, tuition, and living expenses in case I don’t have enough funds available?

Yes. Emergency loans are available on a limited basis for books only. Contact Student Services to find out more.

Will this affect Washington Online (WAOL Classes)?

No. Registration for WAOL classes has always closed the first day of class.

What happens if I don’t get added to the class from the waitlist?

The waitlist will end the business day before the quarter starts. If you were on the waiting list, you have the option to contact the instructor the first week of the quarter and ask the instructor for permission to be added. You will need to have the add/drop form filled out and signed by the instructor and bring it to the Student Services Front Desk to be added to the class. The add/drop form must be turned into Student Services by the 5th day of the quarter.

If I drop a class after the first day, will I still be able to add another class?

Yes, during the first week of the quarter.

Non-Attendance/Admin Withdrawal Policy

Peninsula College views student attendance and participation as crucial to academic success. Therefore, an instructor may request a student be withdrawn due to non-attendance, which compromises the student’s ability to successfully complete the class. Withdrawal for non-attendance is not automatic. During the first week of the quarter, instructors may initiate an administrative withdrawal for non-attendance in a course if:

  • You fail to attend at least 50% of a face-to-face class, or
  • You fail to login for at least 50% of online class activity.

If withdrawn for non-attendance, you will be notified by email or mailed a letter. Any applicable tuition will be refunded and no grade will show on the transcript. You should schedule an advising appointment if you need to discuss your schedule.

For more information regarding first week attendance, please visit: