Discussion led by PC's Visiting Fulbright Scholar, Sandep Kandhwal

Join Peninsula College’s visiting Fulbright Scholar Sandep Kandhwal on Friday, January 25, at 7:00 pm for a screening of the East Indian film, Purab Aur Pacchim, and a discussion immediately following.

The film will be shown in Maier Performance Hall on the main campus and is cosponsored by Peninsula College International Programs. There will be no charge for admission.

Purab Aur Pacchim looks at cultural tensions within the life of a family from India as it follows a young man, Bharat, who goes to London to study and is exposed to the Western lifestyle of the 1960s. While in London, he meets many of his fellow countrymen who are also living there, but finds that most of them have forgotten their own culture in trying to completely transform themselves into westerners.

Troubled by what he sees, Bharat takes it upon himself to try and change their way of thinking. Along the way, he meets a young Indian woman and both fall in love, but the young woman has become so westernized that she insists they should continue to live in London after they marry. Bharat, however, insists that she must first visit India. She does, but is shocked by what she sees. Together, the two work out their differences.

When the film was released in 1970, it was hailed by many as a path-breaking and trendsetting patriotic film of independent India. The newspaper, The Hindu, singled out director Manoj Kumar’s work for praise as well as the cinematography and the wide-angle shots of outdoor London. Kumar, it was felt, helped many westernized Indians realize that they should not forget their roots or look down on their own culture.

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