Carver Festival | Film Showing of Jindabyne

Jindabyne, a film based on the Raymond Carver short story, “So Much Water So Close to Home,” will be screened at Peninsula College on Friday, May 10, starting at 7:00 pm in Maier Performance Hall. 

This special Magic of Cinema showing is part of the “Raymond Carver Festival: A Celebration of the 75th Anniversary of His Birth,” which is being celebrated May 9 to 25 at Peninsula College and other sites throughout the peninsula.

The Australian drama, directed by Ray Lawrence, was filmed on location in Jindabyne, New South Wales, next to the Snowy Mountains. Starring Gabriel Byrne and Laura Linney, the film tells the story of a group of male friends who, on an annual fishing trip, find the dead body of an aboriginal girl. As does the Carver story, the film examines the effect the discovery has on the men’s lives and relationships after they return home and report what they have found. 

Named for an Aboriginal word for a valley, Jindabyne premiere at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival and went on to win more than a dozen awards at major film festivals throughout the world. The May 5 screening at Peninsula College is made possible by permission of the director, Ray Lawrence. 

According to Moira Macdonald of The Seattle Times, “The director and writer add Australian flavor — its wild, mysterious terrain; its lilting voices — to Carver's eloquent etchings; it's a mixture that serves this haunting story well.” 

Peter Bradshaw, writing in The Guardian, noted: “The movie is beautifully shot, and succeeds in being deeply disturbing and mysterious, with richly achieved nuances of characterisation. I have seen it two or three times now, and each time it gets better.”