Summer quarter begins July 1.

Attention AA degree students!

Get a jump on your natural sciences requirements this summer. Two dynamic courses taught by Dr. Joel Pankey are presented in face-to-face lecture and lab classroom formats. Take one or both!

  • Survey of Biology (BIOL& 101L) gives you an introduction to the structural and functional characteristics of life! TWTh 12:30 to 4:15 pm. Item 1130, Section AU.
  • Chemical Concepts with Lab (CHEM& 110L) is for non-Chemistry majors who want an introduction to the essential principles of chemistry and how they affect our lives and our environment. TWTh 8:15 am to noon. Item 1220, Section AU.

Complete your English composition requirement this summer!

If you prefer in-person, face-to-face classes, sign up for Composition II today! Taught by professor Kate Goschen, this class will teach you how to develop the advanced composition and research skills you need to succeed in the rest of your college career.
Composition II
(ENGL& 102). TWTh 1:30 to 4:05 pm. Item 1370, Section AU.

Nurture your writer’s voice.

Join Dr. Margaret Hollenbach for a workshop class to nurture your naturally fluent writer’s voice and practice the basics of good writing in many genres, including fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Explore the craft of image, detail, point of view, dialogue, plot, and other key elements through in-class exercises and readings. Professor Hollenbach has an MFA in Writing from Pacific University and a Ph.D. in Social-Cultural Anthropology from the University of Washington.
Creative Writing
(ENGL& 236). TWTh 10:45 to 1:20 pm. Item 1390, Section AU.

Learn about the history of the Northwest!

What makes the Northwest different than the East Coast or the South? Why are we a clash of politics and perspectives over microbrews? Ever wonder why Amazon, Boeing, Microsoft, and Starbucks got rooted here? Find out how it all got going and find out about yourself, too!
Pacific Northwest History (HIST&214). Item 1510, Section COL. Online. Instructor: Dr. Michael Cassella-Blackburn

Are you the curious type?

More than just a research course, INFO 120 teaches you how to be successfully curious as you learn how to ask questions and how to look for, think about, and use information. Above all, it will show you how to challenge your existing knowledge. Former students say that the habits they learned in this course saved them a lot of time on research assignments and, in many cases, improved their grades, too!
Introduction to Research
(INFO 120). Item 1650, Section COL. Online. Instructor: Tim Williams

Calling All Jazz Singers!

! Learn to sing Vocal Jazz with a group of like-minded performers under the direction of Elaine Gardner Morales. You’ll have the time of your life, form new friendships and learn new vocal stylings.
Vocal Ensemble (MUSC 146). TTh 10:45am to 1:20 pm. Item 1850, Section A.

Master the P’s and Q’s of modern logic.

Learn how to make “brilliant deductions” like Sherlock Holmes. Online course materials include posted lectures and YouTube videos in addition to the textbook. Course satisfies the Quantitative Skills Requirement for the AA transfer degree.
Symbolic Logic
(PHIL& 120). Item 2040, Section COL. Instructor: Dr. Tom Grimes

course ENGL& 101

Understand diversity in the United States and abroad.

Join PC’s new sociology instructor Dr. Tara Martin Lopez in exploring the fascinating history of groups like Irish Americans, Native Americans, and women, as you critically examine problems of inequality affecting them today. Interactive lectures, contemporary film, engaging discussions, and thought-provoking readings. Dr. Lopez earned her Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Manchester, UK, and is currently completing a book on gender and racial inequality in the workplace and in politics.
Understanding Diversity
(SOC 115). TWTh 1:30 to 4:05 pm. Item 2090, Section AU.

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Summer quarter begins July 1.

Early Alert: Effective Fall 2014, there will be no late registration. Registration must happen before the first day of Fall Quarter classes. Plan now, meet with your advisor!