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AOS 101

AOS 101 Digital Literacy

Computer concepts content focuses on what skills are needed to be successful digital citizens in college and beyond. Introduction to word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and databases.
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AOS 105

AOS 105 Word Processing Applications

Develop word processing skills in Microsoft Word and associated technologies. Create, edit, format documents and tables; use themes and building blocks, illustrate documents with graphics, merge data sources and documents.
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CAT 114

CAT 114 PowerPoint

Basics of Microsoft PowerPoint, including creating and delivering a presentation, design templates, text layout styles, master slides, using clip art, drawing objects, animation to enhance presentations, working with delivery options, toolbar options, and editing tools.
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CAT 116

CAT 116 Intro to Microsoft Computers

Introduction to mouse techniques, Windows operating system, file management, word processing, electronic spreadsheets, and databases. Hands-on class using business-oriented exercises and projects.
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CAT 130

CAT 130 Intro to Microsoft Word

Introduction to word processing covering basic concepts and terminology. Hands-on application including working with text, working with paragraphs, working with documents, managing files, and formatting.
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CAT 140

CAT 140 Intro to Microsoft Excel

Introduction to spreadsheets. Create, format, edit, and print worksheets; formula and function capabilities;analyze, link, and summarize data; create charts and tables; images and diagrams; work with multiple worksheets; use templates and galleries.
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CJ& 101

CJ& 101 Intro to Criminal Justice

Traces historical development of courts, corrections, and law enforcement to understand structure and process of the criminal justice system. Examines roles, responsibilities, and perspectives of its participants.
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CJ& 101

DS 295 Native Plants: Botany and Ethnobotany

Join Professor Barbara Blackie for this special one-week field oriented class that will explore plant ecology in our many varied local habitats (forest, mountain, coast) and will culminate with a field day to Neah Bay and the Makah Cultural and Research Center where resident experts will share their knowledge of the intimate relationship between local plants and people.
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FA 100

FA 100 Industrial First Aid

Prepares individuals to perform basic first-aid procedures in cases of emergencies. Learn how to prevent accidents in the home and on the job. Adult CPR. Provides two-year certification.
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FA 180

FA 180 First Aid for Health Providers

This course provides two-year American Heart Association (AHA) Health care Provider certification in basic first aid and CPR. Students will be instructed in adult and pediatric CPR, foreign body airway obstruction, automatic external defibrillation and the basic skills necessary to provide first aid assistance in emergency situations. Class is based on nationally recognized standards from AHA and National Safety Council. Two sections of this class are offered: Section 1 meets July 16, 2016. Section 2 meets August 13, 2016
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GRBD 160

GRBD 160 Small Farm & Backyard Carpentry

Students will learn the necessary skills required to research, design, and build backyard farm and garden structures that promote the efficiency of urban sustainable living.
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HUMDV 101 Online Classroom Success

Overview of what to expect in an online course and how to make web-based learning more productive and rewarding. Meet in an online classroom that simulates a typical web-based learning environment. Students will learn how to use online courseware, navigate threaded discussions, locate articles and research materials, create an electronic presentation, and save electronic documents for presentation on the internet.
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HOSP 100

HOSP 100 Intro to Hospitality

Explore the hospitality and tourism industry including lodging, restaurants, managed services, recreation, theme parks, clubs, and gaming entertainment; and assemblies. Learn universal service standards, customer service for guests and key elements of professional service delivery.
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HOSP 230

HOSP 230 Event Planning

Overview of event planning, coordination and catering. Students will explore professional event coordination and develop a comprehensive event plan that focuses on guest experience. Learn catering operations including menu planning and design, pricing, equipment, and staffing.
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MEDIA 190 Web Authoring

Learn how to plan, create, and publish a website from start to finish. Use HTML and cascading style sheets (CSS) to format accessible site navigation and web content layout. Learn information mapping and effective user interface design methods. Add multimedia and graphic elements to interactive web pages. Use search engine optimization strategies to improve website visibility.
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MEDIA 201 Digital Image Editing - Adobe Photoshop

Provides fundamental digital imaging skills. Learn to scan, optimize, enhance, colorize, and combine photographs. Emphasis will be placed on editing photographs, color management, and acquiring a basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop. Prerequisites: Good computer and file management skills.
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MEDIA 204 Digital Illustration - Adobe Illustrator

Introduction to computer illustration with Adobe Illustrator. Learn basic through intermediate computer drawing skills, and use precision digital art production tools. Create professional quality vector graphics for printed materials, multimedia projects, and web presentation.
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