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Learn the Art of Ceramics

Study ceramics in our state-of-the-art ceramics lab. This course is clustered so that students can take it more than once, and continue progressing to different levels. Whether you’re starting out doing hand-forming techniques with clay, advancing to wheel throwing, or developing your own aesthetic approach to the art form, this series of courses is for you!
ART 224, 225, 226: CERAMICS
Item 1350, 1360, 1370, 1380, and 1390, section AU | TTh 1:30 to 4:30pm Or TTh 6pm to 9pm

course CHEM 131L

Allied Health Career or an Associate in Science Degree in Your Future?

PC is the only two year college in Washington to offer a lab-based organic chemistry course online. Intended for non-science majors, the emphasis of the course is on functional groups, reaction synthesis and biochemical applications. Whether you are satisfying pre-requisites for the WSU BA nursing program, or working towards the additional requirements in PC’s Associate in Science Track 1 degree, our Organic and Biological Chemistry course offers online convenience where you need it!
CHEM 131L INTRO TO ORGANIC/BIOCHEM Item 1790, section COL | 6 Credits | Online | Dr. Ben Weintraub:

Photojournalism: CMST 121 & 122

Learn to shoot like a pro, from a pro!

Make the most of your camera by learning photography techniques for storytelling with single image, and multi-image photo stories. This class emphasizes student collaboration, honing your feature and news photo judgment, ethics, as well as editing and field work to produce student portfolios. This course is great prep for web design and professional freelance photography courses..
PHOTOJOURNALISM I and II Item 1870 &1880, Section AU | T 5:00 - 8:00pm (Involves online coursework) | 3 Credits | Professor Rich Riski:

course ENGL 90 & FILM 101

Be the Hero of Your Own Journey!

This accelerated, linked course is an exciting opportunity for English 90 students: a chance to pass both English 90 and English 101 while also taking a college-level humanities course, FILM 101. Practice your critical thinking by exploring the hero’s journey, a classical story of struggle and triumph. Students will be introduced to great indigenous directors and filmmakers who tell important, if not familiar, stories. Study Chris Eyre’s Smoke Signals and Seattle director Sandra Osawa’s Maria Tallchief, a film about the first Native American prima ballerina. Meet Peninsula College Longhouse’s guest artist, storyteller Roger Fernandes and read Wild, the story of Cheryl Strayed’s journey of overcoming addiction and dealing with her mother’s death by hiking the Pacific Crest Trail alone. Please join us.
ENGL 90 & FILM 101 Item 2770, Section DU | TWThF 1:30 to 3:40pm | Drs. Janet Lucas and Helen Lovejoy

course ENGL& 113

Song of Myself

How has poetry influenced the music you love and the way you communicate? Many songs use poetic lyrics and many famous poems were meant to be sung. In this class, we will discuss lyric poems and song lyrics. We will analyze how they are written, how they sound, what ideas and emotions they’re trying to communicate, and what they say about us as human beings. Find out what poetry means to you!.
ENGL& 113: Introduction to Poetry
Item 2590, Section AU | TWThF 10:20 to 11:20am | Dr. Matt Teorey:

courses Linked ENVS& 100 and MATH 91: Survey of Environmental Science and Essentials of Intermediate Algebra

Math and Science in Harmony!

Join this special learning community where you will apply algebra skills to an environmental science class, while receiving the support of two instructors at once. Students will work closely with the professors developing their basic math skills while making progress toward completion of their AA degree. Come discover how fun and rewarding math can be!
Linked ENVS& 100 and MATH 91: Survey of Environmental Science and Essentials of Intermediate Algebra
Items ENVS& 100, item 2650, section AU, 5 credits MATH 91, item 3430, section DU (all students must enroll in both classes) | TWThF 10:20 to 12:30pm | Drs. Daniel Underwood and Tom Kim

course MUSC 136 Jazz Ensemble

Big Band is a Big Deal at Peninsula College

Are you interested in rehearsing and performing with a jazz big band? If you’re interested in finding out how you can become part of one of the peninsula’s most popular musical ensembles, contact PC music professor Dr. David Jones ( or 417-6405). Trumpets and trombones are particularly needed, but other instruments will be considered as well. The PC Jazz Ensemble performs at least seven concerts a year, both on and off campus. Become a part of PC’s storied jazz big band!
Item 3870, Section AU | TTh 1:30 to 3:40 | David Jones:

course MUSC 146

Calling All Jazz Singers

Put your jazz singing skills to the test by signing up for Peninsula College Vocal Ensemble! Auditions for this twice-weekly course are open to community members, AA degree seekers and students who have taken other music classes.
Item 3910, Section AU | TTh 10:20 to 12:20 | Instructor: Elaine Gardner-Morales

course PHIL 101

SOC 115: Understanding Diversity

Interactive lectures, contemporary film, engaging discussions, and thought-provoking readings to understand diversity in the United States and abroad will shape Professor Tara Martin Lopez’s dynamic Sociology 115: Understanding Diversity course. In addition to exploring the fascinating history of groups like Irish Americans, Native Americans, and women, we will critically examine problems of inequality that affect these communities today. This class will not only provide you new perspectives on how you see yourself, but also the world around you.
SOC 115: Understanding Diversity
Item 4650, Section AU | TWThF 11:30pm to 12:30 pm | Instructor: Dr. Tara Martin Lopez

course PHIL 101

Join a Community of Scholars: The Peninsula College Honors Program

Are you motivated to achieve academic success? The Peninsula College Honors Program brings together students of this mindset. Move toward completion of your AA or AS degree requirements in a series of Honors seminars that allow you to explore the evolution of American political discourse, the foundations of knowledge, and sustainability in the 21st century. Pursue your own unique interests as you develop and complete an Honors Project, an outcome that demonstrates your capabilities as a student. During this program of study, students prepare themselves for life-long success, through continued study, a career, or through engagement in their communities. For more information on the Honors Program and its application process, click here: Honors Program

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