Commercial Driver's License

Program Description

Class A - The Commercial Driver’s License certificate program consists of a 10-credit course which prepares you to take the written and driving portion of the Washington State commercial Driving Class A test. Preparation includes 40 hours of lecture, hands-on demonstrations, video, and computerized practice tests as well as 120 hours of driver training.

Class B – The Class B training will help you obtain the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue employment as a Class B truck driver. You will be given the necessary defensive driving techniques and education to meet and exceed the requirements for the CDL Examination with the primary emphasis on safety. Preparation includes 20 hours of classroom instruction and 28 hours of driver training. The course is offered when labor market data supports the need for trained drivers.

In Our Program, Students Will Learn to:

(Student Learning Outcomes)
  • Safely operate a commercial vehicle.
  • Inspect a commercial vehicle.
  • Take the Washington State Commercial Driving Class A or Class B test.