Food Service Management

Program Description

Food Services Management is a cooperative program operated in partnership with The North Olympic Peninsula Skills Center. This program prepares you to plan for and manage food-and-beverage preparation and service operations, restaurant facilities, and catering services. It includes instruction in food/beverage industry operations, cost control, purchasing and storage, logistics, personnel management, culinary arts, restaurant and menu planning, executive chef functions, event planning and management, health and safety, insurance, and applicable law and regulations.

There is a need on the North Olympic Peninsula for trained and skilled food service workers of all ages. Students completing this program will have the technical and managerial skills needed to advance in the food services industry.

Special Features

  • Program requirements in Business Administration have been designed and developed with the active participation of leaders in the business community to help facilitate the process of graduates pursuing meaningful careers in a dynamic, changing food service business environment.
  • Through this certificate program, it is possible to make progress towards a Business Administration Associate of Applied Science degree. For qualified guidance, contact Business program advisor, Jill Snyder.

In Our Program, Students Will Learn to:

(Student Learning Outcomes)
  • Apply food service sanitation principals
  • Write standardized recipes
  • Use proper serving utensils and kitchen equipment
  • Perform basic cooking tasks
  • Demonstrate the proper application of dry, moist, and combination cooking methods to a variety of food products (understand standard cooking methods)
  • Produce a variety of bakery products using standard baking procedures and evaluate based on method, timing, appearance, texture, and overall eating quality
  • Explain the flow of food within the purchasing and production cycle
  • Perform cost analysis of menu items
  • Calculate costs and apply procedures in order to run a cost-effective food service establishment
  • Perform yield tests and recipe costing
  • Design and market a menu that incorporates menu planning principles that maximize sales and profits
  • Demonstrate presentation techniques
  • Purchase and manage inventory
  • Create and maintain good customer and employee relationships
  • Plan, prepare, and serve banquet style
  • Design room layouts for various service functions