Information Technology - Systems Administration

Program Description

Computer devices and related software are an integral part of our business, educational, and personal lives. They allow us to access vast amounts of information and to manage, utilize, analyze, and disseminate this information in a timely manner. The key to success in virtually every profession or career depends on a skillful use of information.

Associate of Applied Science:

The Information Technology – Systems Administration program trains students using industry-based skill standards. Students will design, implement, secure and support Microsoft, Unix/Linux and other industry standard networks, client and server systems. Students will learn about the fundamental business context were IT systems function including business communication skills. Additionally, students will receive the training necessary to prepare for certification exams by Microsoft and Comp TIA. Classroom instruction and practical experiences are combined into a course of study that provides students with broad exposure to the principles of network management and a basic understanding of the current information technology business environment.

Associate of Applied Science - Transfer:

Successful completion of the two-year program described in this guide leads to an Associate of Applied Science-Transfer degree in Information Technology – Systems Administration. The Associate of Applied Science- Transfer (AAS-T) degree will train and educate students, using industry-based skill standards. Students will learn to design, implement and support network technology on various operating systems.  Additionally, students will receive the training necessary to take some Microsoft certification and Comp TIA exams.  The AAS-T option may improve the transferability of Associate of Applied Science degrees to some four-year programs.

Program Goals

  • Prepare students for a variety of Information Technology, network support, computer support and business related job opportunities.
  • Prepare students for professional certification exams, where applicable.
  • Prepare students to communicate effectively with management, including Chief Information Officers (CIO), and Chief Financial Officers (CFO).
  • Students enrolled in Peninsula College’s Information Technology or Cybersecurity programs are eligible to participate in the Microsoft DreamSpark for Academic Institutions. Dreamspark allows students access to Microsoft software for learning, teaching, and research.

Career Opportunities

The Information Technology field continues to evolve. Information Technology plays an integral part in achieving management goals and objectives. Network and computer support personnel with experience and education earn living wages that vary depending on many factors, including but not limited to: specific skill set, supply and demand, location, and current business and economic conditions. Job openings vary across the country. 

In Our Program, Students Will Learn to:

(Student Learning Outcomes)
  • Determine the type of software or hardware necessary to complete an objective; understand the functions of different operating systems.
  • Access information from various storage mediums to locate and provide access to information in subdirectories.
  • Use an operating system to access a variety of software.
  • Solve problems using the appropriate operating system utilities; apply systematic approaches and logic to solving problems.
  • Synthesize and apply information to meet an identified need.
  • Ask questions and give answers using discipline-specific vocabulary.
  • Respond to a heterogeneous technology climate.
  • Plan, install, configure and manage resources. Connect and run applications. Monitor, optimize and troubleshoot network software and hardware.
  • Prepare and present departmental budget information in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.
  • Provide management with departmental financial information that assists in the business decision making process.
  • Provide organizations a safe, secure, and redundant information system.