Medical Assisting Program

Program Description

The Medical Assisting Program at Peninsula College prepares students for employment in a flexible allied health field that provides the opportunity for change and growth. Graduates can expect to practice their profession in medical offices, clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare settings. Our courses offer students the opportunity to gain professional skills that they can apply both regionally and nationally. Graduates are eligible to take the National Certified Medical Assistant exam administered by the National Center for Competency Testing and to obtain their Medical Assistant – Certified credential from the Washington State Department of Health. 

How to Apply

If you’re interested in applying to the Medical Assisting program at Peninsula College, please visit the below link:



The Medical Assisting Program at Peninsula College has a site visit scheduled for pursing initial accreditation by CAAHEP. This step in the process is neither a status of accreditation nor a guarantee that accreditation will be granted.

In Our Program, Students Will Learn to:

(Student Learning Outcomes)
  • Function professionally in a legal and ethical manner as a medical assistant.
  • Use medical terminology correctly.
  • Effectively communicate with other health-care team members, patients, and physicians.
  • Procure and distribute both office supplies and medical supplies.
  • Manage documents, both paper and electronic, in a medical office.
  • Demonstrate proficiency with basic medical testing procedures.
  • Display knowledge and use of techniques for asepsis, workplace safety, and risk management.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and competency in electronic medical billing of multiple insurances.
  • Follow laws and regulations regarding patient privacy and confidentiality.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of ICD-10 coding for medical billing.
  • Integrate cognitive objectives and psychomotor and affective domain competencies into daily practice.