How Can SALT Help?

Here are five ways SALT can help:

  1. The student loan big picture. Log on to and access the Repayment Navigator so that you can add your federal student loan information to your SALT account and learn about the options available to you on your road to repayment. Find the right repayment fit by comparing the pros and cons of various payment options.

  2. Money coach. Train to be money savvy. Use SALT’s interactive education modules to get up to speed on financial fundamentals, study up on paying for college and repaying student loans, and learn all about budgeting for a big purchase.

  3. Educational articles, videos, and more. Get advice on money-related topics, from credit cards to salaries, careers, and more. And check out the SALT Blog for a daily dose of commentary and ideas on loans, budgeting, careers, and other financial topics in a way that’s fun and relevant—with stories from people where you are (or where you’re going) and conversations about food, pop culture, or anything else that can seriously (or sometimes not so seriously) relate to money and your life.

  4. Exclusive benefits. SALT offers members a searchable database of over 50,000 job and internship opportunities from more than 23,000 employers, as well as a constantly updated list of more than 2 million scholarships worth $15 billion.

  5. Loan advice from an expert counselor. As a SALT member, you have access to chat with a student loan expert one-on-one via email or phone.