Video Phone

For deaf and hard of hearing callers, whose language is American Sign Language (ASL), Peninsula College has installed a video phone in Student Services.  Callers are connected to Peninsula College’s ASL Interpreter.  Their video phone number is (360) 406-4759.  If there is no answer, callers can leave a sign mail message.

If you do not have a video phone but want to call an ASL user, or if an ASL user wants to call a non ASL user, a video interpreting service, with professional interpreters, can be used, such as *Sorenson Video Relay Service.  
If you want to apply for a video phone, for yourself, or for a college or university, go to: www.SorensonVRS.Com/SVRS_At_Work.  For SVRS Customer Service call: (866) 756-6729.

*Sorenson Video Relay Service® (SVRS®) is a free, 24-hour service that enables users to place and receive calls through a professional American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter via a videophone and a high-speed internet connection.