Getting Started with SSD

The need for academic accommodations is determined on an individual basis and is not categorically based on a specific disability type or label.  Some examples of academic accommodations are: sign language interpreter, extended time, reader, scribe for testing, note taker, alternative format textbooks, tape recorder for lectures and ergonomic chair.

1. Complete the New Student Checklist

2. Submit Comprehensive Documentation to the SSD Office

3. Complete Initial One-Hour Appointment

  • This appointment is your opportunity to discuss accommodation needs and get answers to your questions.  The SSD Office will contact you to schedule an appointment—in person, by phone or email—after reviewing the documentation you provide (all documentation is reviewed in the order received within 10 business days).

4. Request Letter of Accommodation (LOA) Every Quarter

For quarters following the initial one-hour appointment, the LOA request is required to start the academic accommodation planning activity.

  • Register for classes
  • Submit Quarterly LOA Request Form
  • Pick up LOA(s), other forms and equipment from SSD office.  You do not need an appointment, but may have to wait for staff to become available.
  • Provide one LOA to each instructor

5. Schedule Appointments with SSD Offices as Needed

Feel free to visit the SSD office if your LOA needs review and/or adjustment, or if you would like to discuss any concerns about classroom learning environment, your education plan, etc.