Computer Use Policy

Electronic Information Systems (EIS) Acceptable Use Guidelines:

In general, the same ethical conduct that applies to the use of all college resources and facilities applies to the use of electronic media.

  • EISs are to be used for college-related purposes and goals as defined by statute,administrative code and/or board policy.
  • College EISs must be used in compliance with all federal, state and local laws.
  • All data and software housed on college EISs must comply with federal copy right law.
  • No duplication of copyrighted material is permissible.
  • Users shall be solely responsible for messages, files, or screens that they store and/or transmit through the college’s EISs.
  • Only authorized users may use EIS accounts administered by Peninsula College.
  • Users are responsible for all use of their computer accounts.
  • Users must not share their accounts or disclose their access codes.
  • No one shall deliberately attempt to modify or alter an EIS, including the unauthorized loading of software to system hard drives.
  • No one shall degrade the performance of an EIS or block access to others.
  • No one shall knowingly introduce invasive computer software, such as viruses,on college systems.
  • No one shall improperly access or attempt to access, misuse or misappropriate information/files.
  • Users who access another organization’s network or computing resources (e.g.,Internet services provided by the Communications Technology Consortium) must comply with the rules and policies of that organization.
  • Users must remember that information distributed through the college’s computing and networking systems is a form of publishing and must comply with the same standards required for printed information.