Are employees required to go back to work on-campus?

All exempt and classified staff are expected to return to on-campus work on Tuesday, September 7, 2021. Employees who want to maintain a hybrid work schedule can work with their supervisor to determine if their position is suitable for telework (as determined by the Telework Procedure). ** Updated Telework Agreement and Checklist are due to HR by September 27, 2021**

Telework agreements are voluntary and must be mutually agreed upon between an employee and their supervisor. Our Telework Procedure, Agreement, and Checklist outline considerations for telework suitability, responsibilities and expectations of teleworking employees and supervisors, and identifies equipment and technology requirements.

Faculty do not need telework agreements and should continue to manage their schedule in discussion with their Dean or administrative supervisor as outlined in the collective bargaining agreement.

Employees who need to continue to work off-campus need to work with Human Resources for an accommodation; these types of requests should not be handled solely by supervisors.