BAS Internship


The purpose of the Bachelor of Applied Management Internship is to give students who are well advanced in their undergraduate program the opportunity to experience the links between theory and practice through application in a work setting of the knowledge and skills gained in the classroom.


At the end of the internship class, the students will be able to: 

  • Demonstrate skills and knowledge in the focus area (e.g., operations, marketing, human resources) of their internship experience
  • Demonstrate the skills and knowledge of effective management
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the time commitments and responsibilities of managers in their internship field
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the host organization’s structure, policies and practices
  • Demonstrate interpersonal skills


The Learning Agreements for internships will identify specific, applicable learning objectives – drawn from the Bachelor of Applied Management program’s core courses – which the intern will demonstrate. Internships will incorporate learning objectives from a minimum of four of the core courses [see Learning Objectives Checklist].


Starting with the 2013 cohorts (online and face to face), each BAS Applied Management student must complete one, one-quarter internships (note: students enrolled in previous cohorts are still required to complete two internships). Internship course details include:

  • One quarter Internship = 5 quarter credits = 250 clock hours
  • Internship may be paid or unpaid
  • Internship may be in the Private, Public and Tribal Sectors
  • Students may intern at their current place of employment. In those instances, however, the Internship content may not be work that they already do as part of their job.
  • The student, in consultation with the Site Supervisor (i.e., employer) and Program Director, will complete a Learning Agreement and the Learning Objectives Checklist. This document includes the goals of the internship experience and serves as an agreement among the parties involved.
  • Prior to the Internship, the student, Site Supervisor and BAS Director will meet to review both forms and sign the Learning Agreement.


  • Completion of 250 hours
  • Completion of the Learning Agreement goals
  • Completion and submittal of a Weekly Journal and Time Sheet to the BAS Internship Coordinator


The Site Supervisor will provide feedback to the student on his/her performance throughout the Internship.

The Internship Coordinator will check in with the Site Supervisor and Intern mid-quarter, and meet up at the end of the quarter:

  • Mid-term check-in:
    • Discussion of the internship and student’s progress toward the Learning Agreement goals, review of the Learning Agreement and, if needed, revisions.
    • Internship coordinator will complete a mid-term evaluation.
  • End-of-quarter meeting:
    • Final discussion of the internship and achievement of goals.
    • The Site Supervisor will submit a final evaluation to the BAS Director at the completion of the internship.
    • Internship Coordinator will use information from meetings and written evaluations to determine a final grade.

For further information about Bachelor Internships, please contact:

Internship Coordinator
Ron Bell
(360) 417-6327


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