Transfer Checklist

Use the below checklist and the Transfer Timeline Worksheet (PDF) to help you plan your transfer to a college or university.

1. Plan ahead

  • When you begin your education at Peninsula College, research the what bachelor’s (or four year) majors fit your educational and career goals.
  • Investigate the major’s prerequisites to find out what classes you should take at Peninsula College to be prepared for transfer.
  • Write out an educational plan including the required courses for your transfer major. An educational plan shows what classes you will take each quarter of your time at Peninsula College. Peninsula College advisors are available to assist you in the prerequisite research and to help you develop a plan.

2. Choose your colleges

  • Find colleges that have the major you are interested in.
  • Research their application process and application deadline.
  • Contact the colleges transfer advisor if you have any questions regarding the transferring process.
  • Apply as early as possible.

3. Apply

  • Apply to the college. Read the directions carefully, and be sure you have all the materials needed to apply. Note the application deadline.
  • Start the recommendation letters three weeks ahead of the deadline. Contact your recommenders and get the documents they may need to them immediately. Write thank-you notes afterwards.
  • Start your application essay/personal statement three weeks in advance so that you may make revisions. Help is available through the writing center or with a transfer advisor.
  • Request that official transcripts from Enrollment Services be sent to the college.
  • Find out if your major requires a separate application.

4. College costs

  • Fill out a FAFSA, the application for student financial aid, by February 1st.
  • The FAFSA is available online at or in hardcopy at the college’s financial aid office.
  • Research scholarships and apply for those that you qualify for. Scholarships may be found at: both colleges’ financial aid office,, or by searching
  • Pay the application fee and submit all materials by the deadline.

5. After acceptance

  • Pay the tuition deposit.
  • If you plan to live on campus, send your housing request form and deposit.
  • Arrange for Peninsula College to send your final transcript to your new college.