Work-Study Employers and Supervisors

Want to Hire a Student Worker?

If you are interested in hiring a work-study student for the 2016-2017 academic year, please contact Elizabeth Griswold at; you will be sent a job description form to complete.  Once it is received, your position will be posted for eligible work-study students to view.  It is the responsibility of the student to contact the supervisors of jobs they are interested in.

I've Hired a Student-Now What?

  1. Before your student begins working, you must notify Elizabeth Griswold ( and let her know whom you have hired.  She will then contact the student and inform them on what steps to take. 
  2. Your student worker will be required to complete new-hire paperwork if they haven't worked on campus previously.   They may also require a background check depending on the position they will be working in.  
  3. Once Human Resources has processed the student, they will alert Elizabeth Griswold who will then create an ENSRC for the student.  
  4. Elizabeth will then contact both student and supervisor and alert them that the student is available to begin working.  Students may NOT begin working until this point, even if the quarter has already started.
  5. The student's login for the TLR Payroll system will be created within a few days of when your student worker is eligible to begin working.  All student workers must access their timesheets via the TLR system.  If you need assistance with navigating or using the system, please contact Human Resources directly.

Things to Remember:

  • Students are not allowed to exceed their gross work-study allocation for any given quarter. Supervisors are responsible for monitoring their student worker's hours to ensure that these limits are not exceeded. Supervisors who allow students to exceed their maximum gross earnings for a quarter will be required to pay out of their own departmental budget for the amount earned in excess of the work-study award.

  • Students must maintain a minimum enrollment of 6 credits and be meeting the Financial Aid Office's Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy.  

  • The number of hours worked per week cannot exceed 19. The number of hours worked per day cannot exceed 8.

  • Students in their final quarter of enrollment at Peninsula College cannot work past their last class or exam day.

  • Timesheets must be submitted and approved on TLR on time each period in order for the student to be paid on time.

For more information regarding which dates students are eligible to work and which are considered blackout dates, please click here