Register for SSD

To register you will need to provide comprehensive disability documentation.

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Disability documentation is an official medical or mental health provider’s statement on either

1) letterhead stationery, and/or official medical records like a copy of doctors chart notes


2) a completed Disability Verification form that is on the back side of the new SSD student steps printable version handout (optional template created by SSD that medical or mental health provider’s may fill out if they choose).


IEP and 504 Plan will be reviewed but often does not include diagnostic information needed.
You may need to submit separate disability documentation if you have multiple disabilities for which you are requesting accommodation services.

Disability documentation states the following:

1. Specific diagnosis and who diagnosed
2. Brief description of current severity, stability, progression, duration, impact, or limitations
3. Any medically relevant test results (i.e. standardized Achievement and Aptitude scores for learning disability, or audiology report for hearing impairment)

Examples of Insufficient Documentation of Disability:

  • Hand written notes on prescription (Rx) pads are not sufficient.
  • Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and/or 504 Plans are generally not considered sufficient documentation unless they contain required diagnosis information (often it contains goals and progress information, not diagnostics).
  • Documentation written by family members is not sufficient.

Temporary (one to two quarter need) Accommodation Plans may be approved by the Dean of Student Services.  To request on a temporary basis please complete this online Temporary SSD Registration form.You will need documentation for this request as well.