Worker Retraining Resources

Do you need money for books, materials and tuition?  We have funds available right now to reimburse you for your textbooks, class materials and tuition.

If you are pursuing a Professional Technical degree or certificate you may qualify. Yes, there is still time to apply for fall and you do not have to pay back the funds.

For more information email Rachel Lee at or call Rachel at (360) 417-6359.

Program Description and Eligibility Requirements

The Worker Retraining Program at Peninsula College is designed to provide instruction and training that can lead to family-wage employment.  Worker retraining is offered for all Career (Professional Technical) programs - short term certificates, one year certificates and two year degrees. To see a complete list of these programs, please visit the Career Programs page.

Worker Retraining Financial Aid

The financial aid associated with the Worker Training Program may provide grant money for the education and training needs of the following people:

  • Workers who have been laid off (in the last 24 months).
  • Homemakers who no longer have financial support (in the last 24 months).
  • Workers who were self-employed but have lost their businesses due to economic downturns or natural disasters (in the last 24 months).
  • People who are working but need to upgrade their job skills and have less than 45 college level credits. 
  • People who were laid off (within the last 24 months) but have secured temporary stop-gap employment that doesn't meet their level of self-sufficiency.
  • Eligible veterans (within the last 24 months).
  • Active duty military who have received a notice of separation.
Possible forms of aid include tuition and books, childcare, transportation, and supplies.

Application Process: Open

  1. Click here to Fill out the Worker Retraining Online Application Form or download the PDF version.
  2. Check with the Worker Retraining Financial Aid Coordinator regarding eligibility.
  3. Submit all required documentation.
  4. Register for classes. 

Eligible students registering for a short-term program, such as Flagging, may be awarded financial aid for that quarter. If you register in a longer program or otherwise continue your enrollment in a Career program, you may be considered for additional Worker Retraining financial aid, but must also apply for Federal Student Aid Programs. Application packets are available in the Financial Aid Office.

For more information on careers and training opportunities, please visit the Washington Career Bridge.


Inquiries may be directed to Rachel Lee at or (360) 417-6359.