Tuition and Fees

2014 - 2015 Tuition

(Beginning Fall Quarter, 2014)

Visit for information regarding options available for certain undocumented students.

Additional Fees

Additional fees may apply based on the class(s) you register for. See the Quarterly Class Schedule for fees attached to specific courses.

Laboratory Fee

$15.00 per class
This fee applies to courses that require the use of equipment and supplies for the purpose of instruction. A $15.00 per class fee is assessed for any five-credit Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geology, Geography, Geo Science, Physics, or Zoology class that has an “L” designator. Fees do not apply to online lab courses. The Laboratory Fee is refundable only through the 100% refund period or if the class is cancelled.

Student Self-Assessed Fee

$2.90 per credit
A special student fee voted on by the students and approved by the legislature to raise funds for an addition to the Student Center. The fee is $2.90 per credit, up to a maximum of $29.00 per quarter, and will be charged until the addition is paid off. This fee will follow the same refund schedule as regular tuition.

Bus Pass Fee

Student-voted fee of $7.00 will be charged each credit taking student to provide bus passes with Clallam County Transit. Excluded are Continuing Education and Contracted courses, and Board-approved tuition waivers. Students who are excluded due to some tuition waivers may individually purchase a bus pass for $7.00. The fee is non-refundable. Bus passes will be available for pick-up at the start of the quarter. Contact the Associated Student Council (ASC) at (360) 417-6432 for more information.

Technology Fee

$8.00 per credit
Beginning Summer Quarter 2014: A $8.00 fee per credit is charged to all classes (except for Basic Education for Adults and Family Life Education). This fee is necessary to adequately support student access to changing technologies in classrooms, labs, learning centers, the Library/Media Center as well as to wi-fi and increased bandwidth for the purpose of instruction and/or research. Technology fees are refundable only through the 100% refund period or if the class is cancelled.

Wellness Center Fee (Fitness)

$2.00 per credit
In Spring Quarter of 2010, students approved a self-assessed fee of $2.00/credit starting Summer Quarter 2011.

Special Fee Courses

  • Emergency Medical Technician (9 credits)   $486.10
  • First Aid   $101.16
  • Adult Special Interest Course   $42.00
  • Parent Education   $14.00 per credit

High School Completion Costs

  • High School Completion 1-10 credits   $25.90 first credit, $20.90, 2-10 credits *Fees included
  • High School Completion 11-18 credits   $54.99 per credit *Fees included