Financial Aid Office

Important Announcement:  

Due to the summer closure of the campus on Fridays, the financial aid deadline for Fall quarter 2015 has been extended from July 17th (Friday) to July 20th (Monday).

To date the state legislature is still in session and changes to tuition and state financial aid are uncertain. Until a budget is reached by the legislature, state and Peninsula College financial aid will show in the Peninsula College Financial Aid Portal as "offered." This means that the awards are conditional, subject to change, and will not be released (on or after July 1) until a state budget is decided. Please be aware this may affect your financial aid refund(s). You will be held in your classes if you have active aid in offered or accepted status.  

Regardless of any changes that may happen to your financial aid award, students are responsible for ensuring all tuition and fees are paid.  

If you have any unpaid tuition and/or fees, you will not be able to do the following until this matter is resolved:

  • Check your grades
  • Order transcripts
  • Register for classes
  • Withdraw from classes
  • Receive a bus pass 

Peninsula College participates in a broad range of financial aid programs designed to assist you if you are unable to meet college costs through other means. In determining any student's ability to contribute toward educational expenses, the college is required to use a uniform need-analysis system to determine eligibility for state and federal programs.

The Financial Aid Office is located in the Student Services (D) building. Assistance is available at the One-Stop counter during the hours the building is open.